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A new series of books

designed to provide resilience to preschool-young
elementary school aged children

“Both the natural world and the human world are diverse – and that’s excellent. There’s no right way or wrong way to be a boy, and there’s no right way or wrong way to be a girl”

The healthy messages promoted in these books (each one of them is a standalone) are intended to enhance the resilience of your child against harmful messages that are unfortunately becoming more and more prevalent in society. Messages that claim that certain toys, activities, or clothing are associated with being “born in the wrong body” or some form of pathology, requiring “correction.”
The books have received praise from professionals (psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers, and doctors) as well as parents.

The educational rationale behind the book

The book was written by Dr. Tal Croitoru, a BA in Education, and Phd in Social work, based on ideas she got after listening to a testimony video from an American psychiatrist (Dr. Stephen Levine, the specific video was recently removed from the internet) who has fifty years of experience in treating gender dysphoria.

What the specialist said is that children naturally have a very simple and childlike perception of what it means to be a boy or a girl, and based on this, they categorize themselves into a “box” (certain toys, clothes, colors, hobbies, etc.). According to the specialist, his professional experience and research show, that the majority of children with gender dysphoria naturally desist from it within a few years, after reaching adolescence, as their perspective changes with time.

The younger ones and their brains go through a maturation process, and the result is that, for the vast majority, instead of a simple and childlike perception of what it means to be a boy or a girl, they develop a more complex perception that allows gender non-conforming boys to be in the ‘boys’ box and the same for girls, so there is no need to change their bodies to fit into a ‘box.’

The goal of these books is to help young children expand their perspective proactively.

The books were designed by the talented designer, with the assistance of AI, Tut Blumental.

100% of the proceedings are for charity – the money is a donation for the legal fees and health and rehabilitation costs of a male detransitioner post SRS.

The book can be consumed in two ways: 1. Digital 2. The file is already suitable to print, at your choice of a printer.

The author and designer have fully donated their time and efforts, and payment for these books is done through a system called “Dana” – you receive the book first, and choose to donate whatever amount you wish in return.